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Instyler Hair Styler (IS2W2D-32BLME)

2-Way Rotating Iron • 32mm
Better than
a Flat Iron
While it Dries
• 2-Way Auto Rotation
• 4 Heat Settings up to 220°C
• Tourmaline Ceramic
• Ionic Bristles
• MAX Wet 2 Dry
• US Window Retail Box
• User Manual
• Quick Start Guide
• Thermal Shield
• Heat Mat
• Finger Grip
• US Brand
• 2 years warranty
The MAX WET OR DRY 2-Way Rotating Iron lets you skip the blow drying and makes getting that
amazing blowout look super fast and easy. It dries hair by whisking water out of the hair and
venting it away quickly and safely.
With the titanium rotating barrel and curved tourmaline ceramic floating plate, hair is kept smooth
and polished without ever being crushed or damaged. The rotating barrel evenly distributes heat to
protect hair from damage, while the precision aligned ionic bristles reduce frizz.
With the MAX WET OR DRY 2-Way Rotating Iron, you can create straight and sleek styles or add
incredible body and volume. Wrap your hair around the rotating barrel and you can achieve
beautiful soft curls or perfect beachy waves. With the innovative 2-way rotation technology, the
barrel can rotate right and left so you can style hair away or toward the face.
MAX WET OR DRY delivers the highest heat in our rotating iron line up. This ensures the fastest
heat recovery for faster drying time and maximum styling results in any texture of hair.
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