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Promate Led Desk Lamp (HomeTree-2)

Promate Led Desk Lamp (HomeTree-2)
Inspired by the Far Eastern tradition, Magpie bird is believed to bring good luck, peace and prosperity. HomeTree-2 is a night lamp that is designed to give you a homely feeling with a Magpie couple and one little egg that have motion, light and touch sensor. These Magpie and egg designed bulbs have an inbuilt battery so they can be detached and placed wherever you seem fit. For example, your wardrobe. These can be charged automatically just by connecting them to the tree. It consists of one tree, two Magpie birds and two eggs.


Motion Sensor:
The motion-sensing HomeTree-2 turns on when it detects motion in the dark. It automatically turns off 30 seconds after the motion stops to prolong battery life. With the decoration of the room and lighting your way and protecting kids from a bump in the dark.

Touch Sensor: 
The lights can be turned on and off with a simple touch. Also, the intensity of the lights can be controlled with its touch sensor. Tap the silicone surface to switch on the Light.

Battery Operated:
Powered by a Built-in battery for cordless installation. To provide you with illumination in areas that have limited or no access to electricity.

Creative Magnetic Base Design: 
Light easily removes from the mounting base allowing. Easy to take the light off whenever you want too. Can be used as a flashlight under emergency.

Soft Soothing Light: 
Perfect relaxing light from the Birds and Egg for kids and children so they can fall asleep easier. You can even hold it in your hand if you like too.

Automatic Charge: 
When placed in their mounts the Magpies and egg charge automatically. With built-in smart chips, each port can automatically detect your device and delivers Automatic Charging.

Unique Handcrafted Body Design:
With the Unique Tree Design with cute Birds and Egg made by silicone gives a pleasantly soft touch and the barks of the tree are handmade out of African wood to give you the real natural feel. Handheld size and eco-friendly design make it a perfect for the bedroom, study, baby room night decor as well as a fabulous gift idea.

It's super lightweight and with easy holding or carrying when travelling or even use outside when camping or having a night fairy-tale theme party. 

Detachable Bulbs: 
The Magpies and Egg can be detached and placed wherever you seem fit. With the magnetic connection, the night light and base are detachable. You can flexibly adjust the night light to the best lighting angle or carry away the light without carrying the base

Energy Saving: 
The motion light bulbs only light up in the detective range at night or in dark environment, energy-saving, environment protecting and long life.

Widely Use & Multipurpose: 
The Promate HomeTree-2 motion sensor night light is ideal for anywhere, lighting bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. In addition, it can be taken away from the magnet base and used as a flashlight.

Technical Specs & Features:
• Input power: AC 100-240V 1A, 50/60Hz 
• LED brightness: 
o Magpie: 12 Lumens
o Egg: 12 Lumens
• Made from Melamine Plastic + PC + Silicon

Suitable for Multiple-Purpose Like:

• Night Lamp
• Desk Lamp
• Study Lamp
• Reading Lamp
• Storage Tray
• Jewellery and Watch Hanger
• Room Decoration
• Soothing LED Light
• Motion Sensor
• Touch Sensor
• Built-In Battery
• Creative Magnetic Base Design
• Automatic Charge
• Unique Handcrafted Body Design
• Portable
• Energy Saving
• Detachable Bulbs
• Widely Use & Multipurpose

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