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Dare to get the same color on all six faces. With the necessary turns the colors of the faces will change, and this way you will be able to correctly perform the game.Dare to get the same color on all six faces. With the necessary turns the colors of the faces will change, and this way you will be able to correctly perform the game.

Venus Pillow (M5037)

Venus Pillow is a mindbending classic. It’ll keep generations intrigued! With an amazing silhouette and super smooth movement, Venus Pillow generates never ending excitement.
-Spational Reasoning, Logic, Strategy
-How to playHold the puzzle with both hands and twist in opposite directions.

-As you twist, the colors on multiple sides will change.

-Solve by creating a solid color on all 6 sides.

Turn the two halves of the puzzle to change the colors of each face. 

The puzzle can rotate in any direction. 

The game is solved when you get the same color on all twelve faces

SKEWB Xtreme pushes puzzle fun to the extreme.

It’s challenging, but not so hard you won’t be able to solve it! And it is one of the most beautiful geometric forms ever created, symmetrical from all angles.

With ten colors it is also one of the most colorful puzzles around.


Gear Ball is based on a revolutionary concept of interconnected gears.
This unique mechanism creates a liquid spinning sensation that stimulates 70,000 nerve ends of the hands.
Never had a puzzle activated the brain so much.
Rotate and rewind to mix the colors, then try to realign the colors to get a face of the same color.


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