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Buy Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker, Brown | Menakart

Meta Description The Marshall Stanmore II is a portable Bluetooth speaker that never fails to generate outstanding sound and is ideal for any space, no matter how big or small. Available at Menakart. Buy now at the Lowest price Online.
Introduction The Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is a combination of classic Marshall design and contemporary technology. Built with advanced components, it produces clean and precise audio, even at the highest levels. The speakers provide rich, clear, and loud audio, just like the artist intended. This wireless speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 technology for simple connectivity. The 33 ft range makes it ideal for listening in your bedroom or connecting to an aux-in source when you are outdoors. The Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is a 2.1 speaker that reproduces crisp, clear sound with a punchy bass response. The front is adorned with a metal grille that echoes the legacy of rock 'n' roll, and you can fine-tune your music using the Marshall Bluetooth App or analogue controls on the top panel. For analogue listening, connect to an RCA or 3.5 mm input. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker, with its elegant solid metal grille, recognizable Marshall logo, and sturdy design, is a real champion of sound. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect way to enjoy your music, with a classic look. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker features classic Marshall details such as a textured vinyl covering, a salt and pepper fret, and the iconic script logo. The brass plate is etched with the establishment date of 1962 , a subtle nod to the brand’s heritage and over 50 years of success. Equipped with advanced components for clean, precise audio at any volume level , this portable wireless speaker delivers superior sound quality you can take anywhere. Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker Brown has thus been making world-class guitar amps and speakers since 1962 and continues to innovate today with the Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker. A heritage Bluetooth speaker that embodies the iconic style, sound, and technology of the legendary British amplifier maker. The Stanmore II is inspired by the classic English amplifier and has been designed to deliver incredible sound anywhere. Built with the same proven technology used in Marshall's legendary guitar amps, this portable wireless speaker delivers superior audio quality and powerful bass. Marshall Stanmore II, therefore, is a powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker that can be taken anywhere. The Marshall Stanmore II is a Bluetooth speaker that will transform your music-listening experience. Built for versatility and portability, the Stanmore II delivers superior audio quality and powerful bass even at high volumes. With its classic design, it’s perfect for any room or space in your home. From the stage to your living room, Marshall brings you the powerful sound of rock and roll. This amplifier and headphone company has spent countless trips with the best musicians and performers to fine-tune their products so that you have the best possible experience.. Experience the Marshall heritage just like your favourite artists already have. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is a premium all-in-one music machine that delivers effortlessly loud, rich sound with deep bass to enhance all of your favourite tunes. Featuring Bluetooth® connectivity, two front-mounted HDMI ports, and a USB port for charging, the Stanmore II can also be connected to up to six speakers together for true multi-room sound. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is also an outstanding amplifier and headphone amplifier with a sleek design, multiple colour options, and the power to enhance all of your favourite tunes! With its award-winning sound quality and deep bass, this beautifully crafted speaker will be a great addition to your music collection. The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker is a portable 2.1-channel speaker that delivers vintage-inspired tube amp sound and quality that you’d expect from the maker of some of the most legendary amplifiers in rock history. Let the Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker transport you back to a time when rock music ruled the charts. Each design element of this portable speaker pays homage to Marshall’s rich history of amplifiers, reinterpreted with an eye on modern simplicity and function. Find exclusive offers with one of the UAE’s most trusted e-commerce site: Buy now at Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker, Brown ( COD in UAE & worldwide delivery Free Delivery above AED 100 in UAE Use coupon code JAN39 for AED 39 discount.


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