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Get the greatest deal on Asus X543M laptop with Windows 11 Home (Grey) at Menakart.

Meta Description The X543M is a laptop that’s well-suited for everyday use. It has a large touchpad, so you can quickly get around the screen and use apps with ease. Available at Menakart!
Introduction Asus laptops are designed with practicality, high performance, and elegance in mind. Whether you're a business professional looking for an affordable laptop to use at conferences, a student who needs a fast machine to take notes on, an avid gamer with serious graphics-related requirements, or a content creator who needs a powerful machine for editing video files, there's an Asus laptop that fits your needs. The Asus X543M features a compact, ultrathin, and light design, a good screen, premium laptop technology, powerful performance, and innovations with all-day battery life for dependable mobile computing on the go. The stylish laptop comes in black and white, weighs just over 2 kg, and is only 15.95 mm thick, making it perfect for use at work, at home, or while travelling. The Asus X543M is the best choice for everyday users looking for a laptop with productivity features and performance.The X543M is a laptop that’s well-suited for everyday use. It has a large touchpad, so you can quickly get around the screen and use apps with ease. The X543M features a 15.6-inch display,is powered by a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB of DDR4 memory, and 256GB of SSD storage. It features dual front-firing speakers for immersive audio and 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds up to 867 Mbps for seamless streaming of 4K UHD video content or other high-bandwidth applications. The X543M has an HDMI port that supports multiple monitors simultaneously and an ergonomic keyboard that is comfortable to use through long work days. ASUS X543M, with ASUS SonicMaster and ASUS Audio Wizard, is designed to give you the very best audio experience. The digital amplifier and powerful speakers use a professional-grade codec to ensure precise audio encoding and decoding. They pair perfectly with amplifiers, large speakers, and resonance chambers to cover an extensive frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz The X series incorporates an uncompromising balance of hardware, software, and audio tuning to produce a level of clarity that has to be heard to be believed. It has a touch of elegance thanks to a brushed silver or grey finish that turns heads and makes sure you stand out from the crowd. ASUS SonicMaster sound technology has been applied to the loudspeakers, so you get crisp, clear audio with deep bass tones. It also has a large touchpad with intuitive gesture support ; simple taps and drags allow you to pause and play music without even touching the keyboard. The ASUS X543 is the laptop that's always prepared for whatever happens next. The compact design, spill-resistant keyboard, and built-in fingerprint sensor give you peace of mind on the go. The device is held together by a metallic body frame that’s painted in proper gold, while the keyboard deck is covered with plastic. This gives it a strong build and allows it to survive accidental drops, but it bends pretty easily despite being quite rigid. Moreover, the palm rest area isn’t as thick as we would like, which can make typing for long periods uncomfortable. By the way, we shouldn’t skip telling you that the keyboard deck is pretty bendable, even to the lightest of touches. Generally, this won’t be a problem,but it can be annoying sometimes. The ASUS X543M also has a pretty standard design. The X543M houses a 15.6-inch Full HD display, which comes with an anti-glare layer, has an IPS panel supporting Full HD resolution, and uses LED backlighting technology. It also has support for 100% RGB colour coverage and can reproduce 12 million colours. For its price range, the display offers excellent viewing angles and great brightness levels too, but washout may occur in some cases if you observe it at certain angles under bright light. The configuration of the ASUS X543 was equipped with a TN panel that has a fast response time and a Full HD resolution. Unfortunately, it lacks comfortable viewing angles, has a low contrast ratio, and has modest colour coverage due to its TN panel. Nevertheless, it uses PWM at all levels except the maximum, which reduces the negative effect of the flickerings produced by this display. If you're looking for a laptop in a reasonable price range, the Asus X543 is an excellent choice. The processor and operating memory installed on this machine offer enough power to run multiple applications simultaneously or do some demanding tasks, such as editing photos or videos.There’s also an opening at the bottom part of the notebook that allows you to connect some portable external speakers or a subwoofer through it. It helps deliver an overall better sound experience, even if it's not completely immersive. ASUS X543M 4GB 256 SSD 15.6 INCH Windows 11 HOME is available at the best price in Menakart in grey colour. Buy now COD in UAE & worldwide delivery Free Delivery above AED 100 in UAE


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