Monday, 13 May 2019

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Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results

It would be so much easier to do great work if not for pointless bureaucracies, outdated technologies, and deeply irrational rules. These things are killing us. Frustrating? Hell, yes. But take heart. Today's top performers are taking matters into their own hands: bypassing sacred structures, using forbidden tools, and ignoring silly corporate edicts. In other words, they are hacking work to increase their efficiency and job satisfaction. In this groundbreaking book, consultant Bill Jensen and hacker Josh Klein reveal how to work smarter instead of harder. Once you learn how to hack work, you'll accomplish more in less time. You'll cut through red tape and circumvent stupid procedures. "Hacking Work" is about making the system work for you, so you can take control of your work load, increase your productivity, and help your company succeed - in spite of itself. This title is one of "Harvard Business Review's Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010".

Gurus on Marketing

one stop résumé of the major gurus who have had a critical influence on marketing thinking and development. This is much more than just a series of summaries, Sultan has worked directly with many of the figures in this book. It's enabled him to summarize, contrast and comment on the key concepts with knowledge, depth and insight. He describes the key ideas of each guru, places them in context and explains their significance. He shows you how they've been applied in practice, looks at their pros and cons and includes the view of other expert writers. He ends each chapter with a summary of key elements and lessons to take on board. The gurus covered in detail include: Peter Drucker Theodore Levitt Michael Porter Philip Kotler Tom Peters George Day Jagdish Sheth Thomas Nagle

Gung Ho!: Turn on the People in Any Organization

Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, co-authors of the New York Times business bestseller Raving Fans, are back with Gung Ho!-an invaluable management tool that outlines foolproof ways to increase productivity by fostering excellent morale in the workplace. Through the inspirational story of business leaders, the revolutionary technique of Gung Ho! is revealed in three simple, yet amazingly powerful principles: The Spirit of the Squirrel: Practice worthwhile work The Way of the Beaver: Be in control of achieving the goal The Gift of the Goose: Cheer each other on Destined to become a classic, Gung Ho! also includes a clear game plan with a step-by-step outline for instituting these groundbreaking ideas that boost enthusiasm and performance and usher in astonishing results for any organization. Whether your organization consists of one or is listed in the Fortune 500, this AudioBook ensures Gung Ho! employees committed to success.

Guide to Hedge Funds: What They are, What They Do, Their Risks, Their Advantages

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Guide to Cash Management: How to avoid a business credit crunch

The credit crunch has highlighted to businesses the importance of cash management, as those firms which ran short of cash discovered when they found themselves in trouble or even went bust. This tightly written guide clearly explains the six critical aspects of the effective management of cash and cash flow. These involve: forecasting likely cash receipts and payments; establishing funding lines necessary to cover asset purchases or for working capital; efficiently managing day-to-day operations with regard to the amount of cash required; selecting appropriate investment opportunities that result in positive cash flow; monitoring the profitability of products and services to ensure they are cash generative and not cash destroying; and, having a plan for managing excess cash that exceeds demand. Cash rather than profit has always been the ultimate determinant of whether a business survives and for all businesses that want to avoid a personal credit crunch, this guide will be invaluable.

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