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AEE Magicam SD30 3D Action Camera

AEE SD30 - first action camera is capable of video recording in the format of 3D! Action camera SD30 allow you personally to plunge into the world of three-dimensional image. Buying SD30 camera you get a mini video lab, she is so universal that will impress you with its features and quality can be recorded both in 2D and in 3D volumetric image making photos with your family and enjoy high-quality video and photo! AEE SD30 Camcorder has a rich set. Also it can be used to shoot under water up to 60 meters through a plastic waterproof case, which will provide moisture and as a complete DVR is also mounting for installation in a vehicle.

It turns out that these unusual phrase "action camera" has long taken its place in the dictionary all video lovers. The camera is designed specifically for athletes so that they can withdraw their training, securing the device to the body or sports equipment on and then watched the footage, notice their successes and achievements. But suddenly it began to acquire not only athletes, but also those who, even in physical education at school went. This is logical, because you have also not given up a camcorder that:

weighs very little and has a modest size;
shoots video of excellent quality;
works under water and frost;
provides a clear picture even at high speed;
not afraid of rain, snow, dirt;
antyudarnyy is the case;
firmly attached to anything;
relatively inexpensive.

Action camera, among other things, is used as a DVR, and if you carefully re-read is not a complete list of their virtues, then you understand why. But now there was a sensation: there was the first and only one in the world of action- camera, which, along with the described advantages can shoot video in 3D.

This is the first action camera, capable of capturing Full HD video in 3D. Through the AutoRun feature, the user does not have to be distracted by switching on and setting. Understand that AEE MagiCam SD30 3D enabled, it is possible to indicator located on the front of the unit, as well as sound indication. Laser light for position fixing camera makes easy capture photos and videos even for beginners. New exercises filming under water to a depth of 60 meters, is stable even at low temperatures.

Shooting video is a popular format MOV. For quality photography equals 1/3'' CMOS matrix with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Ability widescreen shooting mode provides a lens with a viewing angle of 175 degrees. AEE MagiCam SD30 3D automatically adjusts exposure and white balance exhibits, can shoot in the dark, makes it possible to capture distant subjects thanks to ten times digital zoom. The device has a function to automatically record an increase in speed (as in Avtoregistrator), and when the movement stops, also unassisted goes into standby mode. Built-in microphone allows you to record sound quite decent quality.

View captured photos and videos are right on the camera (2.5 - inch TFT-LCD) on the PC or on the Internet, downloading files directly from the camera. Looking through the files on the device, you can promote them to the increased rate of forward and backward skip and delete.

At the AEE MagiCam SD30 3D bidder will receive:
waterproof housing;
remote control;
system mounts to the camera;
mount for placing the camera in the car.
To transfer data to the sides of the shell is USB - port (usb 2.0), an HDMI output and AV- out. Among other advantages of the camera should be noted built-in accelerometer, support for memory cards up to 64 GB and feature image rotation by 180 degrees.

AEE 3D SD30 is compatible with devices that are running Windows and Mac OS.
In conclusion, a few words about the producer: AEE company is a world leader in creating video for shooting in harsh conditions. Cameras, manufactured under the brand AEE, popular in USA, Europe and Asian countries. Equipment AEE uses Chinese Broadcasting (CCTV). AEE takes part in the shooting sports and apply the lessons learned in the creation of new action sports cameras.

LCD screen: photo and video playback.
Waterproof is the degree of protection IP68, waterproof stored at a depth of up to 60 meters.

Supports configuration, repeat playback , delete, etc. , with the connection to the external TFT screen.

Built-in removable lithium rechargeable high capacity battery.
Feature photo and video FullHD resolution of various types.
AutoPlay with front indicator and given the time of shooting.
The laser light facilitates photos and videos.
1/3 inch CMOS sensor 5.0 mega pixels.
Video Recording format MOV, the ability to play video files on a PC or upload to video portals.
Auto exposure, auto white balance.
Equipment F/3.0, support night mode.
10x digital zoom.
Lens with a very wide viewing angle of 175°.
To automatically record an increase in speed (function car DVR )* add.option.
Automatic sleep mode to save power.
Supports fast back and forth, skipping files and move to the next slice (when connected to the player TFT screen).
Supports time setting (RTC function) and combining functions of time.
Support USB2.0.
Built-in microphone, creating the effect of a high-quality stereo recording.
Connectors: HDMI port function AV-OUT.
Support memory card TF ( maximum size 64Gb).
Built-in buzzer for sound indication.
Function rotate the image 180 degrees.
Reporting low battery.
Notification of insufficient memory.
Waterproof wireless remote control (function "record, stop, photography, laser light").
Set of sports accessories, for making videos in sports.
System Support: Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS.


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