Monday, 29 January 2018

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 Samsung Galaxy A7 -SM-A700 (White)

 Samsung Galaxy A7 -SM-A700 (White)
Premium metal design and stylish colours
The first Samsung smartphone with a full metal body, the Samsung GALAXY A7 boasts an innovative, luxurious design and a stunning 5.5inch FHD sAMOLED display. You can feel the premium quality of the sleek full metal body in your hand.

Metal smartphone colored body

Samsung Galaxy A7 is the first Samsung smartphone with metal casing, which is characterized by luxury and innovative design and a superb 5.5-inch Full HD super AMOLED screen. Authentic metal is especially felt when you hold this smartphone in your hand.

Shooting Mode Self has become even smarter

Your outstretched hands when shooting selfies does not imply that the picture is hopelessly corrupt. When shooting self with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7, you do not need to touch a button. Remove selfies with a voice command or hand gesture, and let your friends think that you were shot by your personal photographer. With the latest version of software for image recognition and voice recording, taking self on the Samsung Galaxy A7 has risen to a new, higher level.

Wide Self friends

You have a lot of friends? Now you will be able to fit everyone together in one photo! The new wide-angle mode allows you to create self panoramic type by combining three images taken from the left, center and right. Now you can take a picture of self with an angle of 110 in the portrait orientation of the camera or 120 in the landscape.

Adaptive Display and Audio

Technology Alive Super AMOLED Display Adapt Display and configure the settings of the screen so that it will look completely natural. The automatic sound settings (Adjustable Audio) smartphone will automatically increase or decrease the volume depending on the level of the external sound background.

Make self more interesting with GIF-animation

Sometimes you need to take some pictures of what happens next. Shooting Mode animated self allows up to 20 images continuously and automatically combines them into a single animated GIF-file, replacing the video.

New interface and melodies

The new interface offers interchangeable themes for your smart phone screen. In addition, at your disposal is a wide range of ringtones, options for startup, touch controls and sounds for message notifications that will fit your personality and style.

High performance

Thanks to eight cores (4 cores + 4 cores), the smartphone instantly reacts to your actions. Smooth video, high quality music and multitasking support are the distinctive features of the new smartphone. With the support of the protocol LTE Cat 4, you can easily and quickly download any content.

Maximum energy saving mode

Now you will not miss important calls because of the fact that you have low battery. Maximum energy savings mode significantly reduces power consumption by turning off the secondary functions for the moment.

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