Thursday, 8 March 2018

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LG 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV (55UF671T)

The LG 55UF671T 55inch 4K UHD LED TV revamps your entertainment, giving it an enhanced quality par excellence. This is a new level of high quality entertainment that makes it all worth it. This TV uncovers details you never thought possible, making your content look realer and richer. The TV has a mammoth 55inch display that is infused with innovative technology for the best results. It features the Tru ULTRA HD Engine along with the Triple XD Engine that contribute towards the drastically improved image quality and sharp attention to detail. This TV has a thin frame, narrow bezel, and a wide screen that stretches across your wall and adds to the tasteful decor of your home. It is designed to complement any ambiance and even add its own brand of sophistication, subtly letting people know of your high standards and good tastes. The TV also incorporates the Active Noise Reduction technology to make sure your audio is at par with your video. We’re talking about clear and distinct sound that will raise the roof.

The LG 55UF671T LED TV brings you the world on the comfort of your couch. This TV gives you image quality that is unparalleled. This is the new generation of 4K ULTRA HD that rivals all previous display technologies. In that, it gives you sharper picture that is clear and detailed even when standing up close and personal with the screen. The 4K resolution, in summary, is four times the resolution of the superior Full HD. This means not only will you see skyscrapers in the night sky with pinpricks of twinkling light from windows but most probably even the subjects in the windows. This is accuracy and precision of major proportions.

This TV takes one step further in giving you a visual experience that is simply out of this world. This is the highest picture quality brought to you by the advanced 4K ULTRA HD technology. The 4K Upscaler will render all your favorite content, be it live broadcasts, TV series, movies, and sports, into a realistic presentation that is breathtaking. It's like actually experiencing the outdoors in the comfort and convenience of your home.

The LG 55UF671T LED TV not only gives you excellent quality pictures but also a presentable exterior. 'Presentable' might actually be quite an understatement where this beauty is concerned. It sports an ultra slim design that has a thickness of merely 152.4mm and features a narrow bezel that is just gorgeous. The TV also features a Dual Metal design that comprises a metallic frame on the top and bottom of the TV. It is designed to look modern and impressive. All this without compromising on quality or ergonomics in any way. The design is such that it can add its unique touch of sophistication to the room.

The TV features the Virtual Surround feature that helps produce powerful sound that will shake your room. It delivers an extended sound field that puts you in the center of it all. This is audio that lives up to the video, and together they create entertainment magic.

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