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Promate Power Bank (Blazer-6.Black)
Promate Power Bank, 3-In-1 Portable High Capacity 6000mAh Power Bank with Rechargeable Flameless Lighter, USB Charging Port with LED Torch Light for Smartphones, Tablets, Travel, Blazer-6 Black

Go green with Blazer-6, a one of a kind Power Bank with an electronic flameless lighter. Not only does this backup battery charge your smartphone but even helps you light things up when a source of fuel is not available. Additionally, Blazer-6 features an emergency LED light. Blazer-6, an all in one back up battery that meets your every need.


3 in 1 Multi-Function Power Bank:
Blazer-6 features a Power Bank, a Flashlight and a flameless lighter all packed in one compact sleek design. Blazer-6 is the perfect companion for travel, camping and any emergency situations.

Impressive 6000mah Can Fully-Charge Your Devices:
Fully charge almost any smartphone and Tablets with this Blazer-6 universal charging pack. Featuring a huge 6000mAh capacity, it is powerful enough to fully charge any smartphones from flat and then some. Featuring a built-in USB port, the Promate charger will recharge any device that charges via a USB cable, making this power bank ideal for use with your own smartphone and Tablets as well as lending some power to your friends and families' devices.

Emergency Charging on The Go:
If your phone is faltering after a long day of heavy usage, the Promate Blazer-6 is perfect for you. Whether you've been streaming music, watching YouTube or finding your way around with GPS, simply hook up the Blazer-6 to your device with your own charging cable and watch its battery come to life again.

Automatic Voltage Regulation: 
Blazer-6 Features Smart Charging Circuitry to Provide Your Device with The Perfect Amount of Power for a Quick but Safe Charge.

Universal Fast Charging 2A USB Port:
You won't be waiting around forever for your device to finish charging thanks to the Promate Blazer-6 with 2A output and adaptive smart charging technology, which intelligently detects your connected device and allocates the perfect amount of power.

Power Level Indicator:
There is an integrated power level indicator button which indicates the battery level of the Promate Blazer-6 Portable Battery pack through LED lights. This is perfect when you need to know when to recharge the pack and also helps to plan your movements.

Flameless High-Power Lighter:
Go green with the Blazer-6. The Blazer-6 features an electronic flameless lighter for all your fire needs. The lighter is non-liquid and non-fueled and is powered by the battery from the power bank. You don’t need to worry about empty lighters and refuelling lighter with this electric flameless Blazer-6. The go green nature of the Blazer-6 makes it different from normal lighters and are also allowed as a carry-in aircraft.

Windproof Lighter: 
With this Promate Blazer-6, flameless beams don’t blow out in the wind, which means Blazer-6 works in the stormiest conditions.

No More Butane:
Disposable lighters waste your money and harm the environment and refillable lighters can be messy and complicated. Promate Blazer-6 is eco-friendly and easy to use.

Multi-Purpose Electric Lighter: 
The Promate Blazer-6 is engineered to spark nearly anything including cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, hemp wick, candles (even wood ones), incense, and more.

Emergency and Safety Flash Light:
The Blazer-6 is the perfect emergency companion with the LED Light which can be used as a flash torch or safety light. The light is powerful, and you don’t need to carry any extra torch or light along with you anymore.

Sleek, Compact and Stylish Design:
The blazer-6 comes in a sleek looking compact aluminium body. Blazer-6 is packed with features but is portable and can easily fit in your pocket or in your backpack with ease. The lighter area is chrome coated to make it more resistant and durable and it also adds a sense of style to it.

Child-Proof Lighter Lid:
The Blazer-6 is child-Proof and comes with a Child-Proof Lock. The Lid of the Lighter is clicked lock and can only be opened with a press of a button on the side. So, it can be safely used by a kid as a Flash Light and power bank without the worry of them using the lighter.

Built-In Smart Chip for Safety:
The Blazer-6 comes with built-in chip to control the charging output. The smart chip regulates the current and prevents from Over Charging, Over Discharging and Short Circuit. With Blazer-6 safety is guaranteed.

• 3 in 1 Multi-Function Power Bank
• Impressive 6000mah Can Fully-Charge Your Devices
• Emergency Charging on The Go
• Automatic Voltage Regulation
• Universal Fast Charging 2A USB Port
• Power Level Indicator
• Flameless High-Power Lighter
• Windproof Lighter
• No More Butane
• Multi-Purpose Electric Lighter
• Emergency and Safety Flash Light
• Sleek, Compact and Stylish Design
• Child-Proof Lighter Lid
• Built-In Smart Chip for Safety


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