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Shop for GoPro Hero4 Camera online at

GoPro Hero4 Camera online at


The GoPro Hero4 Black Standard Edition is an amazing choice of camera that gives you everything you’d expect from a more expensive camera, just in a smaller more portable package. It features a 12MP lens and produces high quality pictures and videos. The connectivity options on this device are commendable. You can view and share all your work with friends and family almost instantly. This camera is packed with a number of features that help you capture all your adventures with stunning realism.


The GoPro Hero4 Black offers you 4K30, which is four times the resolution of 1080p, so you can only imagine the clarity and detail on all your pictures. This camera happens to be the first of its kind to feature an ultra high resolution and high frame rate video so powerful. This a tiny package that fits all the awesomeness of larger costlier models. Get video quality that is truly professional with fluid and smooth slow motion playback and crystal clarity. This is up to cinema quality standards.


Imagine all those splendid pictures you could click with a camera that gives you fast and powerful photo capture. Capture all those treasured moments with the 12MP Burst photos that are recorded at 30 frames per second. You can choose between wanting to capture individual photos or setting the Time Lapse Mode. This mode lets you shoot photos automatically at set time intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds. Now you can be part of the picture rather than the one who’s always behind the camera. This mode is ideal for all those gear mounted shots too when the shutter button is nowhere within pressing distance.


With the GoPro Hero4 Black, darkness will no be a deterrent to capturing amazing pictures. Click the night sky if you must and uncover the true beauty of the dark, that is just as magical as the day. The camera features the Night Photo and Night Lapse modes that put the exposure settings in your hands. Customize the exposure that can be stretched 30 seconds for both single and Time Lapse photos. These two modes let you capture anything ranging from a thrilling campfire hangout to the mystic Milky Way with stunning clarity and amazing detail. Low light conditions are never a hindrance to beautiful photography


This camera is equipped with everything you need to stay connected. Built in WiFi and Bluetooth make everything so much simpler. Use them to connect to the amazing GoPro App, Smart Remote2 and much more. You can use the innovative GoPro App to convert your phone or tablet to a live video remote for the GoPro Hero4 Black. This opens out a number of possibilities. You can enjoy full control of all functions and settings from your phone. Shot preview and playback is easy and sharing your captures via text, email, Facebook is easier. The Smart Remote feature puts the control of multiple GoPro cameras situated anywhere within 180m in your capable hands. You can now monitor the baby in the other room and make sure the kids are doing their homework like they’re supposed to.


The GoPro Hero4 Black features an amazing new feature called the HiLight Tag. This feature enables you to mark key moments while recording. Think of it as a bookmark that lets you flip back to your best clips when you need to. It makes locating these clips a lot more convenient. Editing and sharing is also simplified thanks to the GoPro App or GoPro Studio. Tag your friends and get tagged back by merely pushing the dedicated button on the camera or the Smart Remote2. You may even use the GoPro App to tag these highlights.


With the SuperView feature on the GoPro Hero4 Black, you don’t have to settle for anything less than everything! This is a GoPro exclusive video mode that offers you the most captivating wide angle perspective. Now you can get more of yourself in the frame without hogging the surrounding space. Bring home engaging and extremely gorgeous footage from every adventure.


Unlock you camera's full potential with Protune that offers you minimally compressed, cinema standard video optimized for professional productions. You have the advanced manual controls for photos and video. Enjoy a wide range of customizable settings for Sharpness, White Balance, Exposure, Color and ISO Limit. This is taking control to a whole other level. There is now plenty of room to flex that creativity.


Optimize your experience with the GoPro Hero4 Black with the free GoPro App and GoPro Studio software. The free GoPro App enables you to control your camera via your phone or tablet and view and share data and enjoy “best of” videos on the GoPro Channel. 


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