Friday, 26 May 2017

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Ricoh Projector PJS2240 (RRJ PJS2240)

Project Your Ideas Brilliantly
A picture is worth a thousand words — especially when it’s part of a stunning presentation. When you can keep eyes riveted to the screen, it’s a lot easier to share information. If someone asks how you do it, you can point to the low price and reliability of the portable RICOH PJ S2240 projectors.
Lighten Your Load on the Road
When you’re on a business trip that takes you through five airports with carry-on bags, extra pounds feel like bricks. But our projectors are worth their light weight in gold. We pack a lot into about three and a half pounds:
– Input terminals on the side so cords aren’t taking up more space than participants
– Quiet operation below 34 dB that lets everyone use their inside voices
– A focus lever on top of the projector that’s easy to reach and use
– A remote control, so you can move around the room or pass control to someone else
– Eco-mode operation that uses less power and is quieter than standard mode
– Long-life lamps that operate for thousands of hours
– A three-year warranty
Keep your Audiences Engaged
Present vivid images and crisp, clear information with DLP technology and its high-contrast ratio of 10,000:1. DLP also lowers lag, so videos project beautifully. And, depending on the model, you can choose SVGA resolution.
Light Up Faces with 3D Images
Whether you’re in education or business, 3D is sometimes the only view that can bring a concept to life. With our projectors, you can say less and communicate more when dinosaurs and cars appear in three dimensions.
Share your ideas, year after year
Reliable RICOH PJ S2240 projectors are built for worry-free operation. In standard mode, the lamp life is rated at 4,500 hours. In eco-mode, 6,000 hours.
Deliver high-impact presentations Enjoy vivid images; crisp, clear information; and less lag thanks to digital light processing (DLP) projection technology and the 10,000:1 contrast ratio.
Stay on the bright side Bright is better, especially when you can’t control a room’s lighting. With ratings of up to 3,100 lumens (WXGA) and 3,000 lumens (XGA/SVGA), you can keep everyone engaged.

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