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Xiaomi Redmi 4X, 32GB, 3GB Dual Sim, Black

  • 4100 mAh battery
  • palm-friendly metal body
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 435

18 days in stand-by mode — the battery upgrade we have not heard in years!

Smartphone features are getting fancier and that cannot but amuse us. But to be able to experience a true pleasure from using a smartphone we only need two things really: a strong battery life and a perfect grip. Redmi 4X gives an excellent battery experience due to its 4100 mAh tank. It powers the smartphone for 18 days in stand-by mode and holds up against hard multitasking for up to 2 days. With its rounded edges the smartphone rests in your hand perfectly. Pick one of three stylish colors and make your outfit, your mood, your life brighter. An octa-core Snapdragon 435 ensures flying performance whenever you are just checking e-mails, reading or editing videos and doing multiple processes at once. Redmi 4X is a synonym for speed, endurance and fashion!

Mighty 4100 mAh battery

Battery life is as just important to Xiaomi as it is important to users. This is a starting point for Xiaomi’s designers when they want to create a new product. Every little detail in the product’s housing should complement the other and work for the benefit of the whole mechanism. If the smartphone gives up on a more formal design and gets a fancier look, there can be limited space to fit a greater battery. If the engineers do not improve a battery, the smartphone will not end up slim while also boasting an impressive stamina. If there was no deep system optimization there is no way the battery will bear up well under strain either. Redmi 4X is a Jack of all trades. Call, text, browse the web, play games, watch videos and you will still have some power left!

Dressed in metal to impress

Redmi 4X follows the design language of its Redmi-brothers. The smartphone is and eye-candy. The three colors will give you a hard time picking one for sure: poetic cherry blossom, or elegant champagne gold or simple frosted black. This handset is doing everything in its power to convince you that you are using a much more luxurious phone. Redmi 4X challenges your senses, because what you see and what you touch feels not the same. The smartphone has all-metal housing, which in keeping with higher-end smartphones, went through anodizing process, diamond polishing that made the back of the housing shinier and sand blasting so that its surface was smoother.

Reach the entire screen with one hand

We are living in the era of large smartphone screens. But no matter how hard manufacturers are trying to amaze us with 6-inch smartphones already, a lot of people still prefer a 5-inch screen. This is the most comfortable size of smartphone to hold in hand, something you cannot have if you carry a smaller or bigger smartphone. But the size alone is not enough to make the handset palm-friendly. Xiaomi designers introduced a number of improvements so that Redmi 4X could fit your hand flawlessly.

Due to metal shaping process the phone got beautifully curvaceous. Because of the gentle side bends you can easily reach with your finger all across the screen and not feel any pain, like you could with smartphones that have square sides.

Redmi 4X screen is covered with 2.5D glass, typically used in higher-end smartphones. 2.5D glass gives the smartphone a  complete look: it arches at the edge of the screen smoothly transitioning into the housing. It is also very tough and is designed to handle serious drops.

Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 435

Redmi 4X will handle all media comfortably, which is the other focus with very Redmi smartphone. Redmi 4X is powered with a Snapdragon 435 processor that bursts out performance while consuming less power. We know that nothing in the universe can compare with a speed of human thought. This octa-core chipset, clocking at 1.4 GHz, is fast enough to not let any thought of boredom slip through your mind when you are dealing with your everday tasks.

Reliable fingerprint scanner

Password unlocking was the best measure to protect your phone from intruders until hackers have shown that they could crack the quirkiest, a.k.a the strongest password. From time to time you would need to change your password to feel more secure. In these happy days fingerprint is a unique secret that is difficult to come by. Having one on board, Redmi 4X is more convenient to use. Forget about reentering a long code to unlock the device — touching the sensor with your fingertip is much quicker than that. You can not only unlock the phone, but also take selfies, pay in the shop and block access to private files.

Set of accomplished cameras

Compare smartphone cameras with the same number of megapixels and you will see that they differ a lot. Xiaomi has fitted Redmi 4X out with a 13-megapixel main camera and it gives as much pleasure working with it as all the other Xiaomi smartphone cameras. Due to high-end optical components every image turns into work of art, bringing out every feature of the world around you, even the smallest one. Make a 360-degree view masterpiece in the panorama mode. Shoot in low-light conditions and see the benefit of night image stabilization technology. Your photos are a window to reality.

f/2.0 aperture
0.3 seconds PDAF phase focus
HDR mode
36 real-time beauty filters
MIUI 8 functions that became iconic

Lock screen pictorial. Get used to compliments and questions on the images you have on your lock screen. Every time you want to check time or see if you have any new messages, enjoy a new high-definition picture from “FHM”, “BAZAAR”, “National Geographic”, Reuters or The Associated Press. Do you still want to unlock your phone?

Dual privacy system. What would you do if your friend fell for your Redmi 4X so much that he wanted to explore it more, meaning that all your most private files or messages became at the risk of being seen? You can now tell him/her the password to launch the back-up system. It is completely independent and covers only the files and apps you are not afraid to display.

Double-opening applications. MIUI 8 makes possible opening the same application, game or social media account twice.

Universal remote control. Redmi 4X sports an infrared sensor that lets it to serve as a remote control for your TV, set-top box, air conditioner, DVD-player or SLR. If you want to switch channels, you can watch previews in the app first not to waste time.

SMS anti-fraud. Fraudsters use pseudo-base stations and disguise themselves as official companies to send out SMS spam with information about you winning a lottery or asking you to update your password. SMS anti-fraud prevents from fraudulent attacks, blocking any unwanted messages and allowing you to receive only approved SMS.

110 millions of Redmi smartphones sold in 3 years

“Ground-breaking technologies” could probably become another set of words that most people would never understand or would give up believing to try. Xiaomi makes new technologies reachable to everyone. 110 million Redmi smartphones were sold for the past 3 years! That means that around the same amount of users made their life easier and brighter, which is what Xiaomi has always aimed for.


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