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Apple Watch MMFU2 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Marine Blue Classic Buckle

Stainless steel case
Sapphire crystal
Retina display with Force Touch
Ceramic back
Digital Crown
Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope
Ambient light sensor
Speaker and microphone
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
Bluetooth 4.0
Up to 18 hours of battery life
Water resistant
You. At a glance.
Instantly receive and respond to your favorite notifications. Get the motivation you need to stay active and healthy. Express your personal style in a whole new way. From the way it works to the way it looks, Apple Watch isn’t just something you wear. It’s an essential part of who you are.
Because it’s on your wrist, Apple Watch lets you receive notifications immediately and conveniently. The moment the people or apps you care about have something to say, you’ll feel a gentle tap. Then you can send just the right response. Just like that.
Throughout the day, Apple Watch measures your workouts, tracks your activity, and helps encourage healthy routines. All adding up to a better you.
We designed Apple Watch to reflect a wide range of tastes and styles. And you can make it even more personal by switching bands and changing watch faces, anytime you want.

The watch reimagined.
It delivers important information when and where you need it. Helps you easily perform everyday tasks in seconds. Instantly connects you to the people and things you care about most. All while keeping precise time. Yes, it’s a watch. But unlike any you’ve ever imagined.
Notifications. You’ll know it when you feel it.
Because Apple Watch sits on your wrist, it can give you a gentle tap the instant you receive an alert. So you can get the same notifications you do on your iPhone — or just the ones you care about most — more immediately and conveniently.
Get alerts from all sorts of apps.
When you get a message, raise your wrist to see who it’s from. Keep it raised to read the whole message.
See what’s ahead on your schedule and accept or decline invitations. You can even receive a tap to tell you when it’s time to leave for your next appointment.
Get alerts that motivate you to meet your fitness goals. For example, if you’ve been sitting too long, a tap reminds you to stand.
See who’s calling without having to reach for your phone. Answer quickly on your watch, dismiss, or transfer to iPhone for longer calls.
Choose the people you want to receive email from on your wrist. Then get a tap when a new message arrives.
Get a gentle tap when new tweets are posted, and retweet or favorite them from your Apple Watch.
Need something done? Just ask Siri.
Of all the ways to interact with Apple Watch, Siri may be the quickest. And the most fun. To access it, just press and hold the Digital Crown. Or, if your hands are full, simply raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” for help with all kinds of things.
Apple Pay. Fast, safe, and always right there.
Having Apple Pay on your watch is remarkably convenient. Want to buy a bottle of water while you’re out for a run? No problem. Just double-click the side button and hold the display up to the contactless reader. A gentle tap and beep confirm your payment information was sent. You never reveal your name, card number, or security code to the cashier, so your private information stays private.
Stay in touch like never before.
You won’t just send and receive messages, calls, and mail more easily and efficiently. You’ll express yourself in unique, fun, and more personal ways. Communicating with Apple Watch is discreet, sophisticated, and nuanced — a whole new way to connect with others.
Messages, calls, and mail. Designed for your wrist.
The ways you communicate on your iPhone are even more immediate on Apple Watch. To read a message or email, just raise your wrist. Then reply instantly by dictating or choosing a preset or customized response. You can take a quick phone call using the built-in speaker and microphone. Or for longer conversations, transfer the call to your iPhone.
Easy ways to respond.
You don’t always have time to craft a lengthy response to a message or email. With Apple Watch, you have lots of options for making a quick but meaningful reply. You can even tap to send short, preset phrases based on the context of your message and how you respond most often.
Handoff. Start on Apple Watch. Continue on iPhone.
Apple Watch is ideal for quick responses, but sometimes you want to say or do more. So we made it easy to switch seamlessly from your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Just swipe up on the corresponding icon in the lower left of your iPhone Lock screen, and pick up where you left off.
Say it with feeling.
You don’t even have to use words. The Digital Touch feature on Apple Watch gives you fun, spontaneous ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist.
Use your finger to draw something quickly with as many colors as you want. Your friend on the other end can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you.
Let friends or loved ones know you’re thinking of them with silent, gentle tap patterns they’ll feel on the wrist. You can even customize taps for different people.
When you rest two fingers on the screen, the built-in heart rate sensor records and sends your heartbeat. It’s a simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel.
The people you care about are closer than ever.
Now your inner circle is always nearby. Press the side button to access Friends, where you’ll see thumbnails of the people you stay in touch with most. You can have multiple Friends screens, each of which can hold up to 12 contacts, and you can add friends directly from your watch.
Apps built with the wrist in mind.
Unlike with your iPhone or Mac, you interact with Apple Watch for just a few seconds at a time, often while you’re on the go. And the apps designed for it reflect that. With just a glance, tap, or quick Siri request, you can get a lot done. Then go right back to what you were doing.
Familiar apps in a brand?new form.
The iPhone apps you use every day have been completely rethought and redesigned. Not simply smaller versions, they’re tailored just for Apple Watch. In fact, you might find that some of your favorite apps are even more handy to use when they’re on your wrist.
App Store apps. All-new ways to do all kinds of things.
Open your hotel room door. Feed the parking meter. Even learn a new language. Developers are coming up with new ways to use Apple Watch all the time. So chances are the watch you wear next week will be different from the one you’re wearing today. And even more indispensable.
At its heart, an incredibly precise timepiece.
High-quality watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time, and Apple Watch is no exception. In conjunction with your iPhone, it keeps time to within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. It even lets you customize your watch face to present time in a more meaningful, personal context that’s relevant to your life and schedule.
Watch faces. Millions of ways to see time.
A device you wear is unlike one you put in your bag or pocket, because it makes a bigger statement about your personal style. Apple Watch faces are designed to be extensively customizable, from the way they look to how they function. So you can combine different styles, colors, and complications to create a watch face that’s perfect for you.
Complications. Made simple.
Many watches include a few specialized functions — known in watchmaking as complications — that go beyond telling the time. But Apple Watch comes with a full range. Some are traditional, like moon phases or sunrises and sunsets. And some are more modern, like stock quotes, weather reports, and a daily activity tracker. You can even put information from your favorite App Store apps on your watch face.
Glances. Just the right amount of information, right when you want it.
Glances are scannable summaries of the information you seek out most frequently. To access them, simply swipe up from your watch face. You’ll instantly be able to do things like see what’s next on your calendar or find your location on a map. Tap any Glance to open its corresponding app.
Innovation in every interaction.
Apple Watch is unlike any device we’ve ever made. But we wanted interacting with it to be just as easy and intuitive as using your iPhone or working on a Mac. So we invented all-new ways to select, navigate, and input that are ideally suited to a smaller device worn on the wrist. The result is an experience that’s both unique to Apple Watch and quintessentially Apple.

Digital Crown. A modern twist on a traditional feature.
On mechanical watches, the crown has historically been used to set the time and wind the mainspring. We reimagined it as a versatile tool that answers the fundamental challenge of how to navigate on a small display. You can turn the Digital Crown to zoom in and out of photos, scroll through lists, and make selections, all without obstructing your view. With Time Travel, turning the Digital Crown lets you scroll through your complications to see what’s happening — or what’s already happened — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Pressing it returns you to the present time.
Force Touch. Sensitive enough to tell a tap from a press.
In addition to recognizing touch, Apple Watch senses force, adding a new dimension to the user interface. With Force Touch, pressing firmly on the display brings up additional controls in apps such as Messages, Music, and Calendar. It also lets you do things like select different watch faces, pause or end a workout, and search for an address in Maps.
Taptic Engine. Technology with a more human touch.
This linear actuator inside Apple Watch taps you on the wrist when you receive a notification, press down on the display, or use Digital Touch. The Taptic Engine gives different kinds of notifications and actions their own distinct character. So even with the accompanying audio cues turned off, you can feel the difference between an alarm and an incoming phone call without even looking.
A smarter way to look at health and ?tness.
Fitness isn’t just about running, biking, or hitting the gym. It’s also about being active throughout the day.1 So Apple Watch measures all the ways you move, such as walking the dog, taking the stairs, or playing with your kids. It even keeps track of when you stand up and encourages you to keep moving. Because it all counts. And it all adds up.
Activity app. Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise.
The Activity app provides a simple visual snapshot of your daily activity, with three rings telling you everything you need to know. The Stand ring shows how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The Move ring shows how many active calories you’ve burned. And the Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve completed. The goal? Close each ring every day.
Apple Watch helps you make progress and see results.
Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or using the most popular fitness equipment, Apple Watch knows how to keep you motivated during your workouts. It helps you set goals, tracks your progress, alerts you when you reach milestones, and provides a complete summary when you’re done. So you can match your last workout or beat your best one.
There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.
Selecting a watch is very personal. As with all things you wear, how it looks is as important as what it does. So we made Apple Watch from a variety of distinctive materials, and created a range of interchangeable bands you can mix and match.
Aluminum. Light, but no lightweight.
We created an alloy of 7000 Series aluminum that’s 60 percent stronger than standard alloys. Yet it’s very light, making it perfect for the most active lifestyles. It’s also exceptionally pure, with a beautifully consistent appearance that’s difficult to achieve with traditional aluminum alloys.
Ion-X glass. Strengthened at the molecular level.
To keep the Sport collection models as light as possible, we used aluminosilicate glass — the same material used in the windows of space shuttles and high-speed trains. It’s fortified at the molecular level through ion exchange, with smaller ions being replaced by larger ones to create a surface layer far tougher than ordinary glass.
Stainless steel. Not just refined. Reengineered.
The strength and beauty of stainless steel have long made it a favorite material in fine timepieces. For Apple Watch, we took a refined 316L stainless steel and cold forged it to make it up to 80 percent harder. We reduced impurities to achieve a mirror finish. And we added a diamond-like carbon layer to create our striking space black stainless steel.
Sapphire. Beautifully shields Apple Watch from the world.
Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest transparent material on earth. That makes it ideal for protecting the Retina display and the heart rate sensor. To ensure a precise fit for the case, the sapphire is cut using a diamond-encrusted wire and precision-machined into its final form. It’s then polished for many hours to produce the desired finish.


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