Friday, 21 July 2017

Shop for IO HAWK - Battery Powered Skateboard Online at

NEW DriffWorks Inteligent Optimized Self Transportation / Better then IO HAWK "The Future is Here" We use the same manufacture IO HAWK uses, IO HAWK simply puts there brand name to the product. We buy from the same manufacture IO HAWK purchases from, why pay triple the price for the exact same item. DriffWorks #Facts Brand new in box 1 year Warranty from DriffWorks We buy directly from Manufacture (same as IO HAWK) USA Seller Don't get ripped of by IO HAWK SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE IO HAWK PRICE $1,800 + TAX Return Policy: device must be sealed (restocking fee of 15% applies if box is opened) We take Customer experience very seriously and look forward to providing a great product at a reasonable price.

Inteligent Optimized Self Transportation 9-12 miles range Rapid charge

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