Monday, 3 July 2017

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HORI TAC Four - Keypad & Mouse Controller (Playstation 4 / Playstation 3)

PC-style Mouse/Keyboard Control Layout
Tactical Assault Commander Four for PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®3 
Gaming grade mouse with ultra-responsive micro-switches for deadly accuracy.
In addition to the included TAC Gaming Mouse, the TAC Pro KeyPad is compatible with all standard USB mice. Simply plug and play!
The cable of the TAC Gaming Mouse is angled slightly upward to avoid snags and game play interference.
Hold the Snipe Button to instantly decrease mouse sensitivity for increased accuracy.
Hold the Quick Button to instantly increase mouse sensitivity for increased movement speed and aiming.
Hold the Walk Button to instantly reduce movement speed for accurate movement and aiming
The TAC Pro is completely programmable. All keys and buttons can be remapped as desired, and every aspect of sensitivity can be adjusted. Up to three user profiles can be saved per platform and selected on the fly.

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